Welcome to my website. I bring together my passion for technology, travel, and blog writing in one dynamic space. As a support engineer in the educational sector, I spend my day into the world of computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads, sharing insights on installations, repairs, and configurations. My expertise extends to Microsoft Office apps, with a focus on Excel and PowerPoint, as well as Google Apps and the Google Admin Console.

Beyond the tech realm, I wear the hat of a budget traveler, recounting my adventures in captivating destinations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Athens, Turkey, Jordan, Pakistan, France, and various parts of the United Kingdom. Join me on a journey where I blend my love for technology with my travelling adventures.

Dive into my YouTube channel, where I have reviewed some Chrome extensions and google apps. I am exploring AI applications and generating different projects that I cannot wait to share.Uncover the versatility of Google Apps and Microsoft Office through engaging video content.

As an animation enthusiast, I’m also crafting a special project that will appear in this space in coming days and weeks. Additionally, experience the captivating world of ‘Omar,’ a 30-part TV serial unraveling the life of Omar bin Khattab, the second caliph of Islam. Read detailed reviews and watch accompanying videos as I delve into this inspiring series.


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