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Top 5 chrome extensions for students in 2022

A collection of five best and useful chrome extensions for students to be more productive and efficient in studies.

5 websites with soothing sounds to help you relax and be...

5 websites for you to listen to soothing background noise and sounds, so you can relax and be more creative in your task. These are a combination of sound at the beach, rain, storm, wind, etc

The Ultimate Guide to Converting PDF Data for Bulk Gmail Account...

Google admins often need to create multiple Gmail accounts. Reports and data supplied in pdf format poses an extra challenge.In this two part series...

Create bulk Gmail accounts from pdf table. Excel Magic in...

Generating Random Passwords and Organizational Units in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction: In today's digital age, ensuring the security of online accounts is of utmost importance....

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There are often trade-offs when it comes to budget travel. Obviously it saves you money which is the biggest plus when on a budget...

The journey of Faith and devotion: From modern Umrah to ancient...

"Welcome to an extraordinary journey to Mecca, a city steeped in history and spirituality. On May 26, 2023, we set off from Luton, embarking on a sacred pilgrimage known as Umrah. As we began this journey, our hearts were filled with anticipation and heartfelt devotion, following in the footsteps of countless believers throughout history.

Discovering Hidden Gems: Our Last 24 Hours in Istanbul

Join us on a captivating journey through our final day in Istanbul, where every moment was filled with discovery and excitement. From an impromptu visit to a bustling local mosque to a serendipitous encounter with an underground market, our adventure was nothing short of extraordinary.

How to perform Umrah, do’s and don’ts

Here's a step-by-step guide to performing the Umrah pilgrimage.

Exploring the Magnificent Abu Simbel Temple: A Journey Through Time

Introduction In August 2023, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure through Egypt, leading us to the breathtaking Abu Simbel Temple. This ancient marvel, linked to...

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