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Google Hidden games that you can play now. Urdu/ Hindi

ماضی کے دریچوں سے۔۔۔۔۔گوگل پلیٹ فارم میں موجود خفیہ گیمز Google not only offers great search experience, but it also holds some hidden gems that...

Screen Replacement on HP 350 G2 series laptop

This video describes the process of screen replacement on HP 350 G2 laptop. source
Hidden games on google

Hidden games on Google

There are some hidden gems and games that are not advertised by Google and gives you a taste of the past. The arcade games...

5 Chrome extensions to help download images from internet. (URDU /HINDI)

Do you search internet for images and need tools to download lots of images quickly. These selection of chrome extensions will make the...

5 Best Chrome extensions to spice up your Youtube experience. Urdu/ Hindi

گوگل کروم کی 5 بہترین ایکسٹینشنز جویوٹیوب ویڈیوز دیکھنےکا مزا دوبالا کریں YouTube is one of the most famous video sharing platform...

5 Chrome Extensions that help downloading and saving images from internet.

Best chrome extensions We need to download and save images in computing for all sort of projects. The job of saving these images to...

Five (5) useful Chrome Extensions for YOUTUBE

Youtube is one of the most famous video sharing platform which host millions of videos from all over the world. WE have rounded up...