Our third day in Istanbul began with a sense of familiarity; we had mastered the skill of navigating the local streets and finding our morning treats. The day began with a delicious breakfast and freshly brewed tea, setting the tone for a day of sightseeing.
Our morning was spent walking through our neighbourhood, where we discovered a wonderful communal park popular with locals, lively retail areas, and the peaceful atmosphere of neighbourhood mosques.

Travel to the Sultanahmet

As the morning sun rose higher, we made our way to the famous Sultanahmet area, anxious to immerse ourselves in its rich fabric of history and culture. Using the local bus and subway, we arrived swiftly and stepped out to discover the area bursting with the energy of both tourists and locals.

The majestic blue mosque

Our first stop was at the renowned Blue Mosque. Despite the scorching temperatures, the crowd was dense, a witness to the mosque’s continued popularity. It had been 16 years since our previous visit, and the changes were evident. Queues and entry quotas are now the norm, as a necessary step to handle the enormous number of visitors. Inside, the magnificence of Ottoman architecture engulfed us, providing both a place of worship and a display of historical artistry.

A Look at Byzantine Sports: The Hippodrome of Constantinople.

We walked through the historical grounds of Constantinople’s Hippodrome, which is only a stone’s throw away from the mosque. The remaining column and architectural remnants spoke volumes about its existence as a thriving stadium for chariot races and political activities in the centre of Byzantium.

The bustling Grand Bazaar

Our walk next led us to the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets. As we walked through its intricate alleys the air was thick with the smell of spices and the clamour of trade, just as it had been centuries ago under Ottoman rule.

Practical Matters: Currency Exchange and Shopping

We went to a currency exchange to prepare for the remainder of our journey. Originally intending to exchange money in Sultanahmet, we discovered much better rates at a trade office on Fevzi Pasa Cd. thanks to our earlier research.
Our quest also led us in search of a new suitcase to fit our generous luggage allotment for our impending flight to Cairo. After some searching, we acquired the ideal piece: a solid, large trolley suitcase, ready for our next excursion.

Culinary Disappointments and Sweet Endings

Our day ended with a hunt for a local dining experience, which regrettably resulted in fast food. Fortunately, not everything was lost. On our way home, we came across a fruit shop and indulged in the sweetest, most refreshing watermelon – the ideal finale to a busy day.


Our day in the Sultanahmet was a memorable chapter in our travel diary, full with Istanbul’s rich history and the brilliant tapestry of its current cultural scene. As we retired for the night, our hearts and minds were filled with sweet memories and anticipation of more adventures in this lovely city.

For anyone considering taking a trip to Istanbul

Sultanahmet is is a treasure mine of history, culture, and bustling market life. Prepare for a sensory explosion, and don’t forget to enjoy the local fruits – they can be just what you need to cap off a wonderful day!


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