Welcome to Istanbul

At the intersection of Eastern and Western civilizations, lies Istanbul, a city steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. Istanbul’s bustling streets, delicious food, and renowned attractions captivate visitors because of the city’s unique blend of Asian and European mixture. Join me on a journey of discovering Istanbul as we reveal its hidden gems.

Istanbul: A distinctive beautiful City

Istanbul, with a population of more than 15 million, is Turkey’s most populous city and the busiest metropolis. The Bosphorus Strait connects Europe and Asia, and is one of Istanbul’s best attraction. From its historic boulevards to its dynamic modern businesses, Istanbul is a beautiful great mixture of old and new.

Exploring Istanbul’s Attractions

Shopper’s Paradise: Istiklal Street

Starting from Taksim Square and running to Tünel Square, Istiklal Street is a vibrant district that marks the beginning of our trip to Istanbul. With many shops offering well-known local products, the bustling streets are a haven for shoppers. Wander through these streets and discover hidden gems along its sides. There are a tons of shops and restaurants with mouth watering cousins. The historic old style tram is also an iconic attraction on the street adding to its unique shopping experience.

Food lovers paradise

Food lovers will find a number of Turkish delicacies in Istanbul with a number of outlets that can suits anyone’s budget. Savoury fried chickpeas, fried corn, delicious kebabs, local meat and vegetable dishes and the famous Turkish ice cream. The bustling streets of the city is filled with outlets that are open almost all hours of the day. Whether your taste is exotic or classical Turkish, Istanbul’s street food will suits every palate.

Hagia Sophia’s Continuum of Legacy

Among the course of history, Hagia Sophia was transformed in its roughly 1,500 years from a church to a museum and now a mosque. Open to people from all walks of life, Hagia Sophia remains a reflection of Istanbul’s rich heritage despite its troubled past. The detailed architecture and historical significance of this World Heritage Site will leave visitors in amazement. Due to the immence number of visitors gathering at this site, the long queues are a norm. Best time to visit is at night after night prayer when it is not so busy and getting inside the mosque is relatively easier.

Special landmarks: Galata Bridge and Blue Mosque

Just opposite to Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque is easy to spot and a master piece of the Ottoman architecture. Due to the huge number of visitors for blue mosque it is a common site to see long queues for entrance. The Galata Bridge with its fishermen is another site that is worth visiting. It offers spectacular views of the city and the busy fishermen showing off their catch while holding their long fishing rods. Close by restaurants offer fresh fish dishes with a view of Bosphorous and the Hagia sophia mosque as a backdrop.

Exploring the Spice Bazaar

Walking distance from the Galata Bridge is the famous spice bazar which is also called Egyptian bazar. With its mix of spices, teas, and Turkish cuisine, the Spice Market makes for an explosion of the senses. A trip down the Bosphorus offers a first-hand view of Istanbul’s architectural wonders and stunning landscapes, including the famous Bosphorus Bridge.

You can also get on to a ferry or a boat to get a tour of sights that you can explore while sitting in a boat. It also offers panoramic views of Bosphorous bridge which lits up beautifully at night.

Turkish Café and Galata Tower: Cultural Treasure

From the ancient Galata Tower, get a great 360 degrees view of Istanbul. there is also a museum in this building where you can explore the city’s past.

The streets along this tower offer shops that will sell the typical and historic Turkish coffee, a symbol of hospitality and friendship that dates back some 1,600 years. Taste some Turkish delight together with this famous drink to truly experience Istanbul’s cultural heritage.

Lost in the Living Soul of Istanbul

Istanbul’s great charm lies as much in its friendly people and multiculturalism as in its historical sites and delicious cuisine. As you discover Istanbul’s hidden gems and bustling streets, this city will fascinate you and your memories will last a lifetime. Istanbul invites those who are ready to accept its seductive embrace, and are eager to be entertained and inspired.


Istanbul is unlike others cities due to its blend of history, culture, and culinary delights; its many attractions entertain visitors from all round the world. Experience the beauty of this city with a blend of ancient mosques, mouth-watering street food, and breath taking view in ferries along the Bosphorus. Istanbul awaits you to discover, connect, and create the memories of a lifetime.

Istanbul reveals its everlasting charm as the call of prayer echoes and the sun sets along the Bosphorous. This ancient city is a melting pot of different civilisations waiting to be explored.


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