Omar bin Khattab struggles in Mecca with his convictions, tribal ties, and the growing Islamic movement. This article dives into the complexities of Omar’s journey, exploring his encounters with notable figures such as Abu Bakr, Abu Jahl, and Abdullah ibn Sohail, as well as the pivotal moment of migration to Habasha.

Omar bin Khattab’s Reflection: 

Omar reflects on the profound changes within Mohammad’s followers, emphasising the equality among sahaba where Abu Bakr, Usman and Abu Hudaifah stand side by side with Bilal, Saalim and Ammar bin Yasir. However, Omar expresses his concern about the rise of authoritarianism within Quraish.

When confronted by Zaid, Omar excuses his severity to protect ancient religion. He contemplates assassinating Mohammad to put an end to this ordeal in Mecca, but the critical intervention of Zaid bin Khattab changes his course.

Assault on Abu Bakr: 

After watching Mohammad pray, Abu Jahl’s haste to the Kaaba ignites a confrontation, resulting in an unexpected attack on Abu Bakr. The aftermath reveals Abu Bakr’s concern for Mohammad’s well-being and a moving moment of his mother’s conversion to Islam.

The Ordeal of Abdullah ibn Sohail: 

Omar’s interaction with Abdullah lays the stage for Abdullah’s bold conversion, which causes familial conflict. Abdullah’s expulsion from his house and Sohail ibn Amr’s proclamation of defiance against Mohammad signals a turning moment.

Migration to Habasha:  

Utbah notifies Omar that Mohammad allows migration to Habasha. The departure develops, revealing tensions in Mecca and the conflicting feelings behind the Muslims’ migration.

The diplomatic engagement between the Muslims and Najashi offers Muslims a glimpse of peace and liberty in practising their belief.


Omar bin Khattab’s journey through ideas, family ties, and societal turmoil reflects the early hardships of Islam. This inquiry sheds light on the intricacies that moulded the cornerstone of a transformative movement, leaving readers with timeless questions about Omar’s pursuit of truth and justice.


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