A roundup of top 5 chrome extensions in 2022 for students to become more productive and be more efficient.

Let’s explore the intriguing world of Google Chrome extensions, which can considerably improve your surfing experience. These extensions are like little helpers, making your digital life a breeze by making reading more accessible and increasing your language skills. So brace up as we look at some of these gems from the Chrome Extensions library. 

PostLight Reader, Your Clutter-Free Reading Pal 

Have you ever encountered an article packed with adverts and sidebars that you lost interest midway through? Enter PostLight Reader. This helpful addon converts any webpage to a tidy, legible format. It’s like having a magic wand that clears the fog, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: the content. Now, you can say goodbye to interruptions and hello to a smooth reading experience. 

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Visor: A Screen Shade. 

Staring at a bright screen all day can be harrowing on the neck and eyes! Visor arrives to the rescue like a knight in sparkling armour. It dims your screen and applies a relaxing, easy overlay on the eyes. Visor is a must-have for anyone who works late at night or spends long hours in front of a computer. It’s like wearing sunglasses indoors but without the weird glances. 

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VoiceIn: Speak, Do Not Type 

Typing is outdated in this day and age of voice search and virtual assistants. VoiceIn allows you to dictate instead of typing on any website. Whether doing a Google search, writing an email, or filling out forms, say the term and VoiceIn will type it out. It’s like having a personal secretary but without the coffee runs. 

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Speechify: Listen up, literally. 

Speechify converts text into audio for those who prefer to listen rather than read. This addon reads articles, emails, and documents aloud, making it easy to multitask. Speechify ensures you get all the essential information on the run or simply resting your eyes. It’s like having a storyteller in your pocket who can entertain or inform you anytime. 

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Grammarly, Your Personal Editor 

Let’s face it: typos and grammatical errors are embarrassing. Grammarly is your proofreader, identifying mistakes and proposing changes as you type. Grammarly ensures that your writing, whether an email, a paper, or a social media post, is clear, compelling, and error-free. It’s like having an English teacher over your shoulder without homework. 

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Rememberry: Learn a New Language 

Ever wish you could learn a new language effortlessly? Rememberry might be your dream come true. This extension allows you to learn new words and phrases while browsing. It translates and saves words for subsequent review, integrating language learning into your daily routine. Consider studying French while buying online or Spanish while reading the newspaper. Rememberry makes it not only possible but also simple. 

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So there you have it: a compilation of Google Chrome extensions that can improve your surfing experience. These tools are like having superpowers at your fingertips, as they make reading easy and help you master a new language. Why not try and see what they can do for you?


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