Interactive smartboards and now Interactive display screens are now integral part of classrooms. Capable of connecting laptops, desktops, and many audio video devices.

Smart Interactive displays have become vital in creating engaging and dynamic learning environments in the ever-changing educational technology landscape. These sophisticated devices connect to laptops, desktops, and audio-visual equipment and have greatly improved the school’s interactive learning experience. A 65-inch interactive display is ideal for schools with up to 30 students. However, the investment in such equipment is significant, with a complete installation costing around £3000.

A critical constraint that needs to be addressed in acquiring these interactive displays is the need for connectivity alternatives. Typically, these systems have only one HDMI slot and USB port for interactive capability. This constraint limits the device’s functionality and jeopardises its longevity. Frequent usage of the single HDMI slot might cause wear and tear, eventually rendering the equipment inoperative. In such cases, manufacturers’ obvious option is to sell an additional unit with a high integration price.

To address this issue and improve the endurance and functionality of interactive displays, IT consultants recommend the integration of HDMI extension devices. An HDMI extension unit can be a cost-effective alternative for models such as the Smart 6065 interactive display. This adapter effortlessly connects to the existing system, providing an additional HDMI and USB port. Installation of this device is simple, with the extension sliding next to the original HDMI port, revitalising the machine’s connectivity choices.

After integrating the HDMI extension, users must select the HDMI 2 interface from the output control on the interactive display’s front panel. This procedure guarantees that the video output is correctly displayed on the screen, extending the device’s usefulness without needing costly replacement.

To summarise, while interactive displays provide considerable benefits to educational contexts, it is critical to recognise their connectivity limits. Investing in HDMI extension units can alleviate these limits, providing a practical and cost-effective way to extend the life and functioning of these vital instructional instruments. As technology evolves, educational institutions must seek competent IT counsel to manage these changes correctly, ensuring that investments in technological infrastructure deliver long-term and impactful educational effects.

Update March 2022: It is encouraging to know that newer models of Smart Interactive tables have multiple HDMI ports and cloud integration that opens up doors for a better learning experience in the classroom.


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