In this video we will show you 5 websites for you to listen to soothing background noise and sounds, so you can relax and be more creative in your task. These are a combination of sound at the beach, rain, storm, wind, etc.

1. Noisli 

Noisli is one of the best sites for you to listen to relaxing sounds. You can choose a ready-made playlist, such as playlists focused on productivity or relaxation, as well as create your mix, selecting rain, wind, fire, fan, waves, and forest sounds, among others. The site does require signing up and opening an account. There is a subscription plan if you intend to use many of the features of this site that are greyed out.
The free plan also has adequate controls and a catalogue of sounds that you can mix and match to develop the perfect background sound of your taste.
There is also a chrome extension for noisili that can be downloaded and installed from chrome web store, giving you the option to activate the required sound with a click of a button.

2. Noizer

Noizer is an excellent alternative to Noisli. It’s completely free, offers more than 20 ambient sounds for you to combine, shuffle function, “sweep” mode, which changes the volume of sounds over time, a 25 minutes timer, and a few different background colour schemes. It’s simple but effective. Unlike Noisli, there is no cap on the length of time that you can play the sound from the website

3. MyNoise

Although MyNoise doesn’t have a user-friendly interface as other websites, it does have a vast catalog of mixed sounds ready for you to listen to, from natural to synthetic sounds. The pages have controls to adjust the effects and you can save the changes to listen to later.

4. Coffitivity

Coffitivity is an ambient sound site that offers a unique proposition. It recreates the ambient sound of a coffee shop to boost your creativity and help you work better. Just choose one of the sounds available in the sidebar to start playing the sounds. In the free online version, there is the sound pack for the cafeteria, Dinner hall noise, and university campus noise.

5. Calmsound 

This website has a good collection of some ready-made sounds packs for ocean sound, thunderstorms, country gardens, etc. There are no controls to manipulate the sound but the quality of the sound is very good. There are some video footages with sounds from Niagara falls, Maldives beaches, Arctic winds, etc.
Sound packs can be bought and directly downloaded from the website too.



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